Anamet Members ratify

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July 11, 2018

Anamet UFCW 175 Union Members vote on contractSeventeen Union Members at Anamet in Frankford secured a new agreement at a meeting held June 9, 2018.

An important issue in negotiations with Anamet dealt with the treatment of the two paid Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) days outlined in Bill 148. Some employees received pay for their days, while others did not. For the rest of the year, the employer agreed to allow those who have not used their two paid PEL days yet to be allowed to use them between now and the end of the year. Going forward, however, the employer argues the existing Short and Long Term benefit provisions provide a greater benefit to the employees. The Union disagrees with this interpretation. So, any matters arising from this disagreement after January 1, 2019 will be referred to grievance and/or arbitration.

Wage rates improve by a total of $1.25 per hour over the life of the contract. This applies to all rates and progressions. Also, effective as of ratification, shift premiums will improve. The afternoon shift will receive 50 cents per hour, and the midnight shift will receive 80 cents per hour.

The Union committee negotiated additional bereavement leave for Members to attend a delayed ceremony or internment. The current eye glass benefit of $200 per 24-month period now applies to employees plus spouses and dependent children. Additionally, benefits now cover eye exams every 24 months as well.

With thanks to the Union Negotiating Committee: Trevor Audeneaer, Justin Williams, and Union Rep Paul Hardwick.