Agreement ratified at Karma Candy

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October 5, 2017

UFCW Local 175 Negotiating Committee at Karma Candy in Hamilton - Sept 2017Karma Candy workers ratified a new collective agreement on September 30, 2017.

The 100 bargaining unit members, who work full and part-time at the Hamilton facility, achieved a number of improvements in the three-year deal. Recently, this independently owned Canadian business has seen expansion, and this agreement reflects that business growth.

The negotiating committee secured the elimination of the second wage tier in the new contract, which moves 18 newer hires immediately to a higher pay grid. This is equivalent to an average increase of $3 per hour. Wages increase by 15 cents per hour, retroactive for hours worked since expiry of the previous contract. Workers make subsequent gains of 20 cents per hour in the second year, and 25 cents per hour in the third year. Additionally, some classifications receive wage adjustments resulting in some increased rates.

Premiums increase to 20 cents per hour for 12-hour shifts; 80 cents per hour for 12-hour nights; 45 cents per hour for 8-hour afternoon shifts, and; 70 cents per hour for 8-hour nights as well.

New language establishes leaves of absence provisions of up to 17 weeks for victims of domestic violence. Additional new provisions regulate and limit the use of agency workers at the facility.

Union Negotiating Committee: Joe Fidalgo, Joe Gallo, Stanislaw Iwanicki, and Union Reps Ashleigh Garner and Tim Deelstra.

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