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February 18, 2020

Congratulations Union Retirees!

Retiree Rudy Allan holding retirement gift.After 20 years at Mc Nairn Packaging in Whitby, Rudy Allen retired in December 2019. Rudy plans to spend his time in the garden in his retirement.

Retiree Cyrus Benoit holding retirement gift and shaking the hand of his steward..Cyrus Benoit began working at Ball Packaging in Whitby in June 1982 and will retire on March 1, 2020.  Cyrus plans on doing as much travelling as possible after he retires

Retiree Ken Bradley holding retirement gift. Ken Bradley retired from Loblaws in Ottawa in November 2019 and says he hopes to spend more time with his grandchildren in retirement. Ken has dreamed of getting more involved with astronomy and also hopes to pursue that hobby more in retirement

Retiree Richard Dolph cutting his retirement cake with union steward.Richard Dolph steward at Metro in Thunder Bay is retiring after 32 years of service to move on to other opportunities.  Richard is pictured here cutting the cake with his good friend and fellow steward Rick Szyja.

Retiree David Fraser holding his retirement gift standing in front of a fireplace.David Fraser retired from Mc Nairn Packaging in Whitby in November 2019 with 8 years of service on the job. David is enjoying his retirement doing renovations and small woodworking projects.

Retiree Theresa McLennan holding her retirement gift.After 15 years as cashier at Food Basics in London, Theresa McLennan has retired. Theresa will miss spending time with her fellow employees, and the customers because Theresa says “after all these years you get pretty close to some of the customers”. Theresa will now be spending most of her time with her grandchildren aged 2 and 1 and is also looking forward to relaxing and doing some travelling.

Retiree Lan Ngoc Luu holding her retirement gift posing with steward.Lan Ngoc Luu is retiring from Olymel in Brampton and is looking forward to spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren and husband.

Retiree Shao Qing Hu holding her retirement gift posing with steward.Shao Qing Hu is also retiring for Olymel in Brampton as well, and her plan is to just stay home and relax.

Retiree Alan Scott holding retirement gift.Alan Scott retired from O’Reilly’s YIG in Prescott January 2020 and has been playing a lot of hockey and doing renovations on his home. Allan is also spending more time with his wife and two sons and considering a trip to Scotland.

Retiree Leonor Viera holding retirement gift.Leonor Viera retired in January 2020 after working at Maple Lodge Farms in Brampton for 37 years. Leonor says she is looking forward to relaxing.

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