The 41 retail grocery members working at Centre & McCulloch FreshCo in Espanola ratified a new agreement on April 27, 2022.

In the new agreement, members with at least one year of service benefit from a new employer-matching Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP). This plan will see the employer contribute 2.5% of each employee’s annual gross earnings. In addition, the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation is now contained in the agreement as a paid statutory holiday.

For full-time employees, an initial raise of 25 cents per hour will be paid for all hours worked since the expiry of the previous agreement. Full-time will then see increases to the hourly end rate of 25 cents in year two, 30 cents in each years three and four, and 35 cents in year five.

Part-time workers benefit from a Minimum Wage Plus progression grid for the end rates. Those part-time employees at the end rate will receive 25 cents per hour for all hours worked since May 26, 2021. Those with more than 200 hours and less than 6501 receive a $100 lump sum payment.

In addition, the closing premium will improve to provide $2 per hour on top of an employee’s regular rate. Full-time end rates will also be adjusted to include all minimum wage increases. Further monetary improvements include increased vision care coverage of $200 per year, up from $125, and a new footwear allowance of $125 per year.

Union Negotiating Committee: Union Representatives Jeff Barry and Richard Eberhardt.

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