Latest Union retirees includes a member with 49 years of service!

July 3, 2019 at 3:02pm

Each month, we feature some of our Members who’ve retired recently. Congratulations to all on a well-earned retirement.

Are you planning to retire soon? Make sure to let your Union Rep know!

Thomas Brisebois began working at McNairn Packaging on December 8th 1981. Thomas was a union Steward and Negotiating Committee member for many years.  Tom is a key operator on the Uteco Press.  Upon retiring he plans to spend time reading and travelling, two of his favourite things to do.








Audrey Downey Union retireeAudrey Downey who retired on May 31st started at A&P as a cashier in 1990 and transferred to Metro in Whitby when it opened. After 29 years as a cashier Audrey plans to travel and visit family on the east coast and possibly move there in the future.













Valerie Innis started working for A&P as a cake decorator and packer. She worked in a few stores in the bakery but eventually ended up at Metro in Whitby as a baker. Valerie will be moving back to Espanola in her retirement to be closer to her family.













Shirley Kaufman retireeOn Friday, July 5th Shirley Kaufman will retire from Exceldor Foods in Hanover after 49 years of service! Shirley is the most senior employee in the entire plant, including management. Shirley has worked in many different departments and currently works in the laundry room of the plant, where she prepares the safety clothing and accessories for the other members. Shirley is looking forward to enjoying the summer off and her well-deserved retirement. She is going to be missed immensely by her co-workers who all have wonderful memories of working with her from their very first day. Shirley is pictured here receiving her retirement gift with chief steward Ron Zippel.







Congratulations to all. We wish you all the best in your retirement!