2019 Federal Election & the Member-to-Member Campaign

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October 27, 2019

On October 21, 2019, the 43rd Canadian federal election took place.

Member to Member Campaign - UFCW 175Almost 18 million people – about 66% of registered voters – cast their ballots in the election. As a result, Canada now has a minority government led by Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party. The Conservative Party of Canada holds the official opposition. The Bloc Quebecois, New Democratic Party, the Green Party, and one independent hold seats as well.

In the four weeks leading up to the election, the Local Union ran a Member-to-Member campaign in select areas across Ontario. This campaign had rank-and-file Members from a variety of workplaces speaking directly with other Members of UFCW Locals 175 & 633 about the issues that affect working people, and the importance of voting.

Federal Election 2019 - UFCW175Members on the campaign spoke to their Union sisters, brothers, and friends at their homes and in their workplaces. Hundreds of important conversations took place over the four-week endeavour. Many people the Members spoke to committed to cast their vote at advance polls or on election day.

“It has been such a great learning experience and I got to meet a lot of people along the way,” said Brittany Farr, who works at Rexall. “UFCW members seemed very passionate about this election and the issues impacting them. (Members) were very welcoming and were happy to see their union coming to speak with them one on one.”  Check out Brittany’s video on why it’s important to vote here.

“I learned a lot about different workplaces this time around which I thoroughly enjoyed,” said Mike Windley. Mike works at Zehrs Markets and is an Executive Board member for Local 175. “The feedback from our members was very positive!”

Members speaking to members during the Federal Election 2019“Given how much governments, at all levels, affects our lives as workers and citizens it is important for our Union to take an active role in political action,” said Local 175 President Shawn Haggerty.

“This includes engaging with our Membership on the issues to make sure their needs are heard. And what better way than to speak directly to other working people?”

“I want to thank all of our Members who worked on the campaign for their dedication and hard work,” said Haggerty. “And thank you to the citizens of Canada who exercised their right to vote and made their voices heard.”

Members speaking to members during the Federal Election 2019