Ramada Pinewood employees achieve FIRST agreement

June 15, 2017 at 8:01am

The 60 members at the Ramada Pinewood Park Resort in North Bay achieved their very first collective agreement on June 8, 2017.

Bargaining required mediation to address the employer’s refusal to negotiate any wage increases. The resulting contract includes a new progression scale to ensure rates stay ahead of minimum wage plus an initial increase of 20 cents per hour for all active employees as of the date of ratification. Progression increases include minimum wage plus 10 cents after two years of service and minimum wage plus 15 cents after three years.

Kitchen and maintenance employees receive a one-time shoe allowance of $100 for full-time and $50 for part time. Additional monetary improvements provide four hours minimum call-out pay and paid bereavement leave, plus the employer will contribute $250 per year toward the Local 175 Training & Education Fund.

With this being their first agreement, the members achieved significant language regarding just cause protection, seniority rights, and facility fee language. In addition, the contract contains a grievance and arbitration procedure to ensure the workers’ rights are upheld.

Union Negotiating Committee: Keith Duncan, and Union Reps Jeff Barry and Derek Jokhu.