Agreement ratified by members at the Maple Leaf Foods Machine & Tool Shop

June 1, 2017 at 11:26am

On May 15, the bargaining unit members at the Maple Leaf Foods Machine and Tool Shop in Burlington ratified a new contract with the employer.

The three-year agreement contains retroactive wage increases of 60 cents per hour for hours worked since April 1, 2017, plus 65 cents per hour in year two, and 70 cents per hour in the third year.

The safety footwear allowance increases to $170 per year, up from $150, and employees receive a tool allowance of $450 per year paid in advance. Vision care coverage increases to $225 per 24-month period as of January 1, 2018, up from $200. New coverage for prescription safety glasses provides up to $150 every two-years.

The employer’s contributions to the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP) increase by 20 cents per hour.

The Union negotiating committee successfully achieved new visitation language, improvements to arbitration language, and the addition of step-parents and step-children as immediate family under bereavement provisions.

Union Negotiating Committee: Les Kreiner and Union Rep Jeffery Lu.