Ratified contract for Ready Bake workers

March 17, 2014 at 1:50pm

CheckMarkFollowing five days of negotiations and three days in conciliation, the 90 bargaining unit members at Ready Bake Foods in Mississauga achieved a new collective agreement, which was ratified at a meeting held March 15.

The four-year contract includes a lump sum payment of $1,000 in each of the first three years of the contract term for active full-time workers. Effective the fourth year, full-time end rates will increase by 40 cents per hour. Active part-time workers receive lump sum payments of $250 in years one through three, and an end-rate increase of 25 cents per hour in the final year of the term. The part-time wage progression has also been amended which will provide an immediate wage increase of 35 cents for a number of part-time employees.

New language provides maintenance workers who have a ‘Refrigeration A License,’ in addition to an existing Millwright/Electrical License and a ‘Refrigeration B License,’ with an additional premium of 50 cents per hour. Dual ticketed employees (electrician & millwright) receive a shift premium of $1 per hour, up from the previous 25 cents.

Other language improvements address job posting and filling, and coverage for orthopaedic shoes increases to $150.

Union Negotiating Committee: Kevin Jokhu, Betty Mbalire, Ziggy Wojciechowski, and Union Rep Matt Davenport.