Wage and benefit improvements for Ball Packaging workers

December 21, 2012 at 9:19pm

Members at Ball Packaging achieved a new three-year collective agreement at a December 17th ratification vote. The 140 workers secured wage increases of 1 per cent in the first year, 1 per cent in the second year and 2 per cent in the third year of the contract term. The Continuous Operating premium increases to provide 86 cents, up from 76 cents, per hour worked, in addition to the worker’s regular wage.The tool allowance for Tool & Die makers, Electricians and Operator mechanics increases to $50 per year, up from $25. Workers also benefit from an increased safety shoe allowance of $165 per year, up from the previous $155.

Major Medical coverage increases to a lifetime maximum of $55,000 for each covered employee and covered dependent. Life insurance improves to provide a $55,000 benefit following ratification. This amount increases to $60,000 in the second year of the contract.
The vision coverage plan provides up to $250 per 24-month period, up from $235. Workers now receive massage therapy coverage of up to $150 per year. To help save for retirement, and in addition to regular company contributions to the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CWWIPP), employees will be able to contribute to a group RRSP through payroll deduction, of which the company will match 50% of the first $400.

Other language improvements address seniority, health and safety and overtime.
Union Negotiating Committee: Dan Morris, Brent Pittman, Dave St. Thomas, John Steiner and Union Rep John DiNardo.