Some of Local 175’s newest members ratify first contract

June 20, 2012 at 7:40pm

The 235 workers at CLS Catering Services ratified their first collective agreement on June 10, 2012.

These members, who voted ‘yes’ to joining the Local Union in December 2011, secured a number of improvements to their previous working conditions.The three-year deal includes just cause protection, seniority rights, grievance and arbitration procedures, posting language for full-time positions, pay of time and one half for work on statutory holidays and enhanced severance. Contract language also ensures the creation of 18 new full-time jobs over the life of the agreement.

In the first year, workers at or above top rate receive lump sum payments of $325 for full-time, $250 for part-time and $125 for students. In the second year all end rates increase by 2 per cent and any worker above the top rate after that 2 per cent increase receives a lump sum payment in the same amounts as the first year. The third year of the deal provides lump sum payments of $650 to full-time and $425 to part-time workers at the end rate who do not receive a general wage increase. Any other employees above the top rate receive lump sum payments the same as years one and two.

Union Negotiating Committee: Steve Emerovski, Darryl Lee, Glen Ricketts, Ranjit Sandhu, Murugathas Vadivelu, and Union Reps Mark Stockton and Rob Nicholas.