Ottawa grocery workers ratify new deal

May 2, 2012 at 7:36pm

On May 1, 2012 the workers at Metro Ogilvie in Ottawa approved an agreement that brings a number of improvements for the 86 members of the bargaining unit.

By the third year of the contract, full-time end rate wages increase by a total of $1 per hour. Part-time Service Clerks at the top rate receive an initial increase of 90 cents per hour plus an increase totalling 60 cents per hour in the following two years of the contract. All other part-time workers – including those Service Clerks hired prior to August 29, 2005 – will see increases totalling 90 cents per hour to their end rates. The first increase for all workers is retroactive to January 29, 2012.

The premium paid for both part-time and full-time night shift work increases to $1 per hour, up from 95 cents, effective the third year of the contract term.
Vision care coverage improves to provide $200, up from $150, per 24-month period. Company contributions to the workers’ dental plan increase by 1 cent per hour in the third year of the deal.
Family Day is now included in the list of observed holidays and bereavement entitlement improves to provide five days’ leave, up from three, for the death of a spouse, parent, sibling or child.
Additionally, important language regarding dignity and respect in the workplace has been added as a letter of agreement.
Union Negotiating Committee: Carla Alfonsetti, Gerry Crabtree, Jordan Davidson and Union Rep Simon Baker.