Sensient Flavors workers ratify new contract

November 15, 2011 at 5:58pm

Bargaining unit members working at Sensient Flavors, located in Tara, met on November 13 to go over the terms of the settlement reached between their bargaining committee and their employer.

Monetary improvements for the 12 workers include across-the-board rate increases of 3 per cent annually over the three-year term. Shift premiums improve to 65 cents per hour for Afternoon Shift, up from 60 cents, and 90 cents per hour for Night Shift, up from 85 cents. There is also a new premium of $25 per week for maintenance workers assigned to carry a pager.

In the first year of the contract term, vision care coverage improves to $250 per 24-month period, an increase of $50, and the workers’ safety boot allowance increases to $180 per year, up from the previous $160.

New language establishes a Safety Leader role, which will be posted for members to apply. When selected, that member will receive a premium of $1 per hour (in addition to any other premiums paid) to monitor safety compliance on shifts when management is not present.

Language improves to provide 48 hours notice of layoff instead of 24 hours. Bereavement leave entitlement improves to include Aunt and Uncle under the one-day paid leave provision.

Union Negotiating Committee: Floyd Hill, Paul Rody and Union Rep Tim Deelstra