Bracebridge Villa Ratifies Contract

November 1, 2011 at 6:16pm

A new collective agreement was ratified by members at Bracebridge Villa Retirement Lodge. Wages will increase by 1.5% in the first year of the deal, 2% in the second year and 2.5% in the final year. The employer’s contribution to the group insurance plan and dental plan is increased as well. The monthly accumulation of sick leave credit is now 0.75 days per month for fulltime members. Workers with 17 years or more of service will now have five weeks of vacation with 10% of gross earnings for the vacation year.

There is also a letter of understanding regarding recent related experience. The employer will recognize recent related experience as an RPN with a permanent license on the basis of one annual increment for each year of service. Part-time members will be recognized on the basis of 1,800 hours paid in previous employment.