New Contract for Aviscar

September 29, 2011 at 5:01pm

Aviscar in Ottawa has a new Collective Agreement. The new deal extends many of the provisions from their previous contract, along with adding new conditions and wage increases. In the first year of the deal, members will receive a lump sum payment of $500 if they are full-time workers and $300 if they are part-time members. In the following year, full-time workers will receive $300 and part-time workers $200. In addition to this, all members will receive a 3% raise in wages, in addition to the lump sum payments. In the third year, all wages will increase by 3.5%.
New to this contract is the rule that if workers become sick during their vacation time, they can have their holiday time off rescheduled. Vacation pay is increased for part-time members. Those with more than five years of service now qualify for vacation with pay at 6% of earnings. In addition to this new amendment, part-time workers will now be covered for bereavement leave. Previously, this benefit was only extended to full-time workers.
New workers are considered in the contract. After they have completed their probationary period, members will be given one ½ hour with pay to meeting with a Union Steward in order to review the Collective Agreement.
Chief Negotiator: Simon Baker; Negotiating Committee: Francine Bérubé, Walter Dubinski, Awelker Daud & Youssouf Adbourahamane.