New Deal for Marek Hospitality

September 8, 2011 at 5:12pm

Members from Marek Hospitality Inc. ratified a new three-year collective agreement. The contract extends many of the provisions from their previous agreement, while increasingly wages, dental plan contributions and more. Wages are improved by 2.2% in the first year, 2.5% in the next and 1.75% in the final year of the contract. Along with this increase, the dental contributions also improve over the course of the next three years. Bereavement leave now incorporates a larger definition of immediate family members, including step-siblings and same sex partners. Issues that concerned workers during the duration of the previous contract, such as pay cheque errors, are addressed in this contract. If the company issues an incorrect pay cheque, they will give the correct amount by cheque to the worker, immediately following the notification of the mistake.   Similarly, the language regarding pay stubs and pay cycles is also improved in this contract.

Negotiating Committee: Steven Cormier, Patricia Smith and Dylan Venus. Director of Region 2: Kelly Tosato. Union Representative: John Di Falco