Compass Group workers approve negotiated deal

September 8, 2011 at 5:10pm

On September 7, 2011, a three-year agreement was ratified by members of Local 175 working for Compass Group at the Humber River Regional Hospital. The 33 members of the bargaining unit benefit from the following improvements negotiated in the new contract:
  • Wages improve by 20 cents per hour in the first year, 20 cents per hour in the second year and 25 cents per hour in the third year of the contract term. Workers also receive a one-time lump sum payment of $100 for full-time and $50 for part-time, upon ratification.
  • Improved language establishes a clear policy on Steward representation.
  • Going forward, the members’ negotiating committee will consist of two bargaining unit workers, instead of one, in addition to the Union Rep.
  • The sunset clause is reduced to 18 months, from 24.
  • Vacation entitlement improves to provide four weeks paid (at 8 per cent) per year for those with 10 years or more of service and three weeks paid (at 6 per cent) for those with five years’ service.
  • New language ensures workers receive vacation pay prior to their vacation time and any outstanding vacation will be paid out at the end of the vacation year.
  • Other improvements include company reimbursement of requested doctor’s note and a new letter of understanding regarding scheduling at the three different locations of this employer.
Union Negotiating Committee: Viral Patel, David Richards and Union Rep John DiNardo.