Labour Day isn’t just another holiday

September 1, 2011 at 5:21pm

Photos from Labour Day 2011!
Every year on Labour Day, people from all walks of life celebrate the achievements of workers and unite in solidarity in the face of the struggles still ahead.

Trade Unionists should be very proud of our strong tradition of hard work. The 60,000 diverse members of our great Local Union continue this tradition every day producing, packaging and selling products, providing much needed services, and ensuring that our loved ones and communities have the best care.

I encourage each of you to get out and celebrate this Labour Day. Many labour activists – workers just like you – fought battles over the years to gain things like minimum wage, maximum work weeks, health and safety protection and many other employment standards that today we are lucky enough to consider a given in Canada. But many people around the world continue to fight for these basic rights. They put their jobs and their lives on the line, much like our predecessors, to earn respect for working people.
With the provincial election looming we as workers with families must remember that as hard as we continue to fight for even the most basic rights, they can be taken away from us with a couple of signatures scrawled out by politicians who don’t have your best interests at heart. We need to get out and vote and make sure our voices are heard. We need to work together and ensure our government is responsible to us as workers, as people with families and as the very backbone of our economy.
Our Union is strong because of you – the workers. You are what makes Canada a nation that can be proud of its workforce and the quality products and services produced by our skilled workforce. We are proud to serve the members of Locals 175 & 633 every day.
On behalf of the staff and executive officers, I wish you all a safe and happy Labour Day
(Check out celebrations in your community on our Events page)
In Solidarity,
Shawn Haggerty