Huntsville BBQ raises $800 for Leukemia

August 31, 2011 at 4:36pm

aug31:11Union Steward Estelle Frank and Chief Steward Pam Brown from Fairvern Nursing Home in Huntsville, along with their Union Rep Dave White, hosted a fundraising barbecue on Friday, August 12, 2011.Kelly Haggart, also a steward at Fairvern, was Chef for the day. She cooked up a storm of hotdogs while the other volunteers sold pop, water and draw prize tickets to shoppers and other supporters at the Huntsville Place Mall entrance to Metro #193.

Sponsors for the event included Metro #193, where more than 100 Locals 175 & 633 work, and many other mall vendors, which donated food, drinks and prizes. The total raised came in at $800!
“Thanks to everyone that came out to support us, especially our brothers and sisters at Metro and Fairvern Nursing Home.” says Union Rep Dave White. “The money raised is going to a cause that’s close to many people’s hearts and we appreciate every bit of it. I know Estelle, Pam, Kelly and others look forward to hosting the event again next year!”