Trent Valley Lodge workers achieve significant new language

August 9, 2011 at 4:57pm

Health care providers working at the Trent Valley Lodge in Trenton met on August 5, 2011 to vote on the terms of a new three-year collective agreement. The more than 90-member bargaining unit ratified the new deal which includes a number of important health and safety language improvements.

  • All rates and classifications increase by 2 per cent in August of each of the three years covered by the contract term. The first increase is retroactive to August 2010. An additional increase of 10 cents per hour will be added in February 2013.
  • The shift premium paid for weekend work increases by 5 cents per hour effective August 2012.
  • Significant language improvements ensure that all temporary postings will now be posted whereas previously the employer assigned these shifts arbitrarily.
  • Health and safety provisions the new contract include:

    • Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC): A JHSC shall be created with meetings held every three months at minimum to address health & safety concerns in the workplace. Further details addressed include pay for attending meetings, certification of a worker, inspections, access to incident/accident report forms and ensuring workers are aware of any hazards.
    • Injured Workers: The employer will provide and pay for the transportation of an injured worker (should the worker require it) to a hospital or physician within a reasonable distance.
    • Infectious Diseases: The JHSC will review and offer input on workplace infection control programs and protocols.
    • The JHSC will address workplace safety issues such as needlestick and sharps incidents, musculoskeletal injury prevention, personal protective equipment and proper training.
    • Further language addresses incidents of an aggressive resident and/or family action.
  • Those members with 10 years of service or more may now request up to one week’s vacation as individual days.
  • Workers receive Family Day as a paid holiday, switched from the employee’s birthday, which now means workers are entitled to overtime on that day.
  • Other language improvements address grievance procedure, steward representation, holiday scheduling and holiday pay.

Union Negotiating Committee: Nancy Jessup, Sherry Pickell, Bette Read and Union Rep Marilyn Lang.