Three-Year Deal for Southampton Flour Milling

July 13, 2011 at 4:11pm

Southampton Flour Milling has a new 3-year deal. Members will receive increases in their pay, pension contributions, dental and medical benefits and shift premiums. This year there will be a small wage increase along with $0.17 more per hour for dental benefits. The employer will now pay $1.17 per hour for the pension plan, which is an increase of $0.30, along with medical benefits of up to $750 per year. Wages will further increase by $0.20 in each of the next two years. Dental benefits will rise to $0.56 per hour in the second year of the collective agreement and $0.59 in the third year.

In addition to the monetary increases outlined in the contract, members will also receive access to L.P.I. LawNET. The employer has agreed to pay membership to this program, which provides legal assistance and advice. Workers now have free, unlimited preliminary legal guidance available to them through a toll-free phone number. This type of legal service would normally cost over $300 per hour. Other common legal services, such as purchasing a home or creating a will, are offered at discounted rates through this program. “Services like LawNET are offered because we want the benefits of the Union to extend beyond the workplace and enrich your home life and the lives of your family,” says UFCW Local 175 President Shawn Haggerty.

Negotiating Committee: Kevin Shular and Roy Reed (Union Representative)