New agreement for OMNI Health Care Units

April 20, 2011 at 2:37pm

A new deal was reached for OMNI Health Care units on April 13, 2011. There were many beneficial changes for members, including a 1.5% raise.  Several significant language changes appear in the agreement as well.  For instance, full-time employees may request, prior to the statutory holiday, whether they wish to work their regular shifts or count the statutory holiday as a day worked. When the final vacation schedule is posted on May 1, the employer will also post a list of employees who have outstanding vacation days, as well as the last date to submit vacation requests.  For health and safety, the company will continue to conduct risk assessments to determine the appropriate type of face masks that workers must wear. They will also continue to train employees on the proper use and potential hazards of this equipment.

Other highlights include:

·         Retro payment equalling 2% back to January 1, 2010

·         Employer contribution increases from 8% of gross monthly earnings to 8.5% to the benefit plan

·         Statutory holiday in February was moved from to the third Monday, to align with Family Day.

The negotiating committee consists of:  Sue Courtney, Aileen Hicks, Linda May, Sheena Casselman, Richard Barr, Donna Mosier, Barb Fox, Tiffany Fox, Karen Vaughan and Union Representative Paul Hardwick. The chief negotiator is Marilyn Lang.