Cancoil Thermal Corp. Ratifies New Agreement

April 1, 2011 at 2:55pm

Workers at the Cancoil Thermal Corporation in Kingston ratified a new 4-year collective agreement on March 27, 2011. Workers will have their wages and benefits improved, as well as an employer-paid enhanced membership to L.P.I. LawNET, which provides legal assistance and advice. This is the first time this service has been negotiated into a collective agreement by the union and we hope others will follow. Members now have free, unlimited preliminary legal guidance available to them through a toll-free phone number. This type of legal service would normally cost over $300 per hour. Other common legal services, such as immigration consultations or creating a will, are offered at discounted rates.

Members will also benefit from the following improvements:

  •   Wages for all rates and classifications increase 40 cents in 2011 and 2012, 45 cents in 2013 and 50 cents in 2014.
  •  Vision benefits increase from $125 to $150 per 24 month period.
  •  Pension contributions increase 10 cents over the life of the agreement, while dental contributions increase 3 cents.
  •  A minimum of 65% of all vacation weeks are to be used during the summer months, allowing more access to preferred vacation time.
  •  Significant new language for discipline on file, short-terms layoffs, bereavement leave for immediate family and health & safety.

Congratulations to the Union Negotiating Committee which consisted of Ralph McCargar, Steve Vallier and Union Rep Paul Hardwick.