First agreement for Strano Foods workers

February 23, 2011 at 1:51pm

On February 18, 2011, new Local 175 members working for Strano Foods in Brampton voted unanimously in favour of their first negotiated collective agreement. The contract establishes language covering job postings, Steward representation, bereavement leave, seniority and hours of work. The ### members benefit from the following as well:

  • Wages increase by 5.9 per cent in year one, retroactive to January 1, 2011, with subsequent increases of 4 per cent in each of the second and third years covered by the contract term.
  •  Workers assigned to replace a supervisor receive $1 for all hours worked if they perform at least 50 per cent of the supervisor’s duties.
  •  All workers receive a 15 minute paid break when working a minimum four-hour shift.
  •  Family Day is included as a paid holiday.
  •  Workers are entitle to paid vacation of:
    •  Two weeks at 4 per cent for those with one to five years employment;
    • Three weeks at 6 per cent for those with five to 10 years employment;
    • Three weeks at 8 per cent for those with 10 to 15 years employment;
    • Three weeks at 10 per cent for those with 15 years or more employment.

The company will supply uniforms for workers and employees at work receive a meal and beverage at no cost to the worker.

Union Negotiator: Union Rep Mona Bailey