Busch’s Auto workers agree on new deal

November 23, 2010 at 9:12pm

A three-year contract negotiated between the bargaining unit at Busch’s Auto Supply in Fort Frances and the company was ratified at a meeting held November 22, 2010. The new terms of the collective agreement include:

  • The two-year rate increases by 25 cents per hour in both the second and third years of the contract term.
  • Company contributions toward the UFCW Trusteed Dental Plan increase significantly over the course of the contract term to reach 59 cents per hour by the third year.
  • Vacation entitlement improves to provide those with 20 years of service or more with six weeks vacation per year at 12 per cent pay.
  • The uniform provisions improve to include a minimum of four coveralls/shop clothing per worker per year and the company will cover the cost of prescription safety glasses once every two years.
  • New Health & Safety language includes provisions for training Certified Members, monthly inspections and protocol for introducing new chemicals/substances into the work environment.
  • The company will contribute $100 per year toward the Local 175 Training & Education Fund.

Union Negotiating Committee: Trong Phung, Jamie Roth and Union Rep Dean McLaren.