Minute Maid members secure improvements in new contract

July 27, 2010 at 8:09pm

Members working at Minute Maid in Peterborough met on July 26, 2010 to ratify their new three-year collective agreement.  Workers will benefit from wage increases, health and welfare improvements as well as new language regarding allowances.

  • The employer will pay out a $500 signing bonus as of the date of ratification, and a 30 cent increase to all rates and classifications. Wages increase 57 cents in the second year of the contract, and another 60 cents in the final year. The re-processor classification will receive wage adjustment of 26 cents per hour.
  • Sunday premiums will increase by 20 cents per hour on all shift schedules.
  • Retired employees and their spouses receive health benefit coverage of up to a lifetime maximum of $25,000.
  • In the event of a layoff, benefits will continue for the rest of the month as well as the following month.
  • The employer will increase CCWIPP stabilization fund contributions to 40 cents per hour, up from 10 cents.
  • At least eight eligible members will be able to retire early with a $25,000 bonus.
  • Safety footwear allowance has increased to $140 while tool allowance has increased to $260, up from $250.
  • Freezer wear allowance increases to $140. Members who have worked 80 hours in the freezer will receive an extra $70 for freezer wear.

Negotiating Committee: Dave Blackie, Marc Duquette, Tom Hughes, David Kirkland and Union Representative Chris Fuller.