Retirement care workers vote in favour of new deal

April 28, 2010 at 7:23pm

The 16 members working at Victoria Retirement Living in Cobourg have achieved a new collective agreement. At a ratification meeting held April 27, 2010, the retirement care workers secured the following:

  • All rates and classifications receive increases of 2 per cent in each year of the three-year contract term.
  • The afternoon shift premium increases to 50 cents per hour, up from 40 cents.
  • Pension contributions increase from 2.75% to 3 per cent of the workers’ annual earnings.
  • Vision care coverage is now $225 per two-year period, up from the previous $175.
  • Life Insurance increases to $25,000, up from $15,000.
  • Family Day is added to the list of paid holidays.
  • The employer will pay 100 per cent of the negotiating committee’s wages for time lost during bargaining.
  • Employees may now participate in the UFCW Leukemia Charity Fund payroll deduction program and the company will contribute $350 toward the Local 175 Training & Education Fund.

Union Negotiating Committee: Myrtle Baines, Debbie Hodgkinson and Union Rep Chris Fuller