CFB Borden workers ratify

April 9, 2010 at 7:28pm

On April 8, 2010, the 94 members working at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden secured a new three-year collective agreement containing a number of improvements. Over the course of six days of bargaining, the negotiating committee achieved the following:

  • The end rate increases by 2.25% retroactive to August 2, 2009 with subsequent increases of 2.25% effective March 31, 2010 and August 2, 2010 and a 2.5% increase in August 2011.
  • The length of service required to reach vacation entitlement levels improves for both full and part-time.
  • New language provides procedures for military leave and family related leave.
  • The annual uniform allowance improves to $75, up from $49.
  • The employer will continue to contribute $500 per year toward the Local 175 Training & Education Fund.
  • Other improvements include enhanced health and safety language, scheduling provisions, and clarified grievance procedure and a new letter of agreement further protects bargaining unit work.

Union Negotiating Committee: Marc Desroches, Lori Rose and Union Reps Dave White and Rob Nicholas.