Loblaws negotiations begin

April 8, 2010 at 7:31pm

Your negotiating committee representing Locals 175 & 633 as well as committees from Local 1000A and Local 1977 met with the company today, April 8, in the first day of negotiations with Loblaw Companies. This set of negotiations represents members at Loblaws, Zehrs/Great Canadian Food Store, Real Canadian Superstore and Fortinos.
Further negotiations have been scheduled for Monday, April 12 through to Thursday, April 16, 2010.
Your committee is:
  • Great Canadian Food Store: Dave Balsam (#521), and Connie Mulholland (#572).
  • Fortinos: Maggie Brayson (#57), Stacey Cabral (#48), Marilyn Melnick (#72), Linda Robertson-Morkin (#77), John Speakman (Sausage Room/Hamilton), Craig Sullivan (#40), and John Walsh (#58).
  • Loblaws (Ottawa): Greg McDonald (#1035), Tom McInnis (#1050), Pat Shea (#1082), and Paul Walton (#1035).
  • Real Canadian Superstore: Dan Bell (#2826), Judy Johnson (#562), Marika Marcotte (#567), and Melody Slattery (#2806).
  • Local Union staff: Shawn Haggerty, President; Teresa Magee, Secretary-Treasurer; Sylvia Groom, Director; Paul Jokhu, Director; Dan Lacroix, Director; Julie Johnston, Union Rep; Lee Johnso