Hallmark Housekeeping workers vote

January 31, 2010 at 5:37pm

The Hallmark Housekeeping bargaining unit members at Scotia Plaza have secured a new three-year collective agreement. The January 30 ratification achieves the following improvements:

  • Wages increase by 30 cents per hour in each year of the contract with the first increase retroactive to January 4, 2010.
  • Workers who post into the Night Shift Lead Hand position will receive a premium of $1 per hour for hours so worked.
  • The company will increase its contributions to the Canadian Commercial Workers Industry Pension Plan (CCWIPP) to a rate of 30 cents per hour in 2010, 35 cents per hour in 2011 and 40 cents per hour in 2012. In addition, the employer will contribute 10 cents per hour to the CCWIPP Stabilization Fund.
  • Company contributions to the dental plan increase to 35 cents per hour effective ratification.
  • The employer’s contribution rate to the workers’ health plan increase to $112 per month in January 2011 and $122 per month in the third year of the contract term.
  • Family Day is now included in the contract as a paid holiday.
  • The company will contribute $325 per year toward the Local 175 Training & Education Fund.
  • Improved language allows for an additional steward, enhanced health and safety provisions and the addition of a floater day.

Union Negotiating Committee: Javier Castillo, Lynn Harrich and Union Rep Emmanuelle Lopez.