New deal for Hurley Corporation workers

January 6, 2010 at 5:45pm

The 14 members working for Hurley Corporation at the Pickering Town Centre met on January 5, 2010, to vote on a negotiated settlement. The ratified three-year contract includes:

  • All wage rates and classifications increase by 2.5 per cent in each year of the agreement term.
  • Company contributions to the UFCW Benefit Trust Fund, which provides health and welfare benefits for the members, increase to 63 cents per hour in the first year, 64 cents in the second year and 65 cents per hour in the final year.
  • Dental plan contributions increase to 37 cents per hour in 2011, and 38 cents per hour in 2012.
  • Family Day is added as a paid holiday.

Union Negotiating Committee: Rosita Kapsalakis and Union Rep Mona Bailey.